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BUHMAN Chardonnay
Citrus and Green Apple. 
Medium golden yellow. Touch of creme of the nose with some green apples and a touch tropical. Medium zippy acidity (6/10) and medium to medium plus plus body. Citrus zest on the palate with some green apples, citrus zest and a touch of creme. Medium plus finish. Drink till 2024
Gregory B., Co-Founder of Millennial Drinkers Wine Blog  7/2/18

Arrowflite Is a winner! This is awesome wine for the price!
Shelley  6/30/18

KANPAI Hi No Tori Rose
Fabulous wine! I don't usually like blush wines, but Laura talked me into this one. As a "I know what I like" wine drinker, I can't provide the technical reasons why this is a wonderful wine. I served it to three friends who all raved about it. Thank you for the recommendation, Laura!
Diane  6/26/18

We loved this wine! Thank you Travelfood!
Michelle H.  6/17/18

*****Yount Ridge EPIC, Oakville, Napa Valley

95+ Vinous
A selection of the best barrels in the cellar. Dark and racy, it packs a real punch in its black cherry, plum, chocolate, mocha and espresso flavors. There is no shortage of depth or intensity in this sumptuous, alluring Oakville cabernet.
AG.  4/10/18

*****BUHMAN Sauvignon Blanc

BUHMAN Sauvignon Blanc
Wine that overcomes
Fine wine overcomes late afternoon Spring rains, the disappointment of late mail delivery, a leaky ball point pen in the pocket of a favorite shirt or any of thousands of things that would normally be upsetting. A satisfied palate is overcomes all that is distasteful.
Danny M.  5/20/18

*****VAN DER HEYDEN Late Harvest Zinfandel

VDH LH Zinfandel
This wine changed my life.
This is my go to celebration wine, I love it! Rich and Complex and so satisfying,, it makes me want to study wine!
LS  4/2/18

*****GREGGARIOUS Pinot Gris
"Love this company"
Best service, best wines!
LS.  4/7/18

***** LUNA Napa Valley
A lovely, smooth Merlot! 
We really enjoy our Luna Merlot from all you all! Comfortable price point for a Napa Merlot and a nice smooth drink! We enjoy it with meals and especially as just on-the-beach wine! Cheers!
Scott P.  5/28/18

Lovely wine selections
Our experience was truly special!
Laura and Terry, 
Thank you for delivering my wine. Our experience with this wine and winemaker was truly special. I am grateful for you! 
Lauren  5/11/18
Nicali Lindstrom Red Blend Celia Welch travelfood.com
Was appreciated by my guests and myself and guy I served it to typically drinks very high end wines( Harlan ...)
Paul T.  5/518

***** S.R. Tonella Napa Valley Rose

Love your wine!
I love this wine. I will be ordering more.

Zelena S.  4/29/18

 ***** THE PALACE Red Blend, Oakville


 A nice, smooth, daily drinker!

We enjoyed The Palace Petit Verdot so much we decided to give their Red Blend a try. Plus we like its price point! Everyone has enjoyed it and it has become a 'go to' bottle to grab for those relaxing, wine sipping evenings! Cheers!

Scott P.  6/8/18

Love The Palace Wines!

Karen C.  3/18/18


*****Yount Ridge Sauvignon Blanc

Yount Ridge Sauvignon Blanc Celia Welch travelfood.com

Excellent! A beautifully-wrought Sauvignon Blanc

*****Mirror Cabernet Sauvignon

Mirror Napa Valley Cabernet

Thank you for introducing me to this excellent wine.

As a restaurant owner, I have the opportunity to taste many different wines. Recently, I tried the Mirror 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon and it was very good. A big nose of berries and chocolate, with rich cherry and plum on the palate and a toasty vanilla finish - all which I expect from Napa cabernet. The 2011 vintage was written about by critics as not up to snuff, but in the hands of a great winemaker, that is not true. This is very good wine at a very good price and I thank you for introducing it to me. 

Dr. G.V. Reddy 11/20/17


*****The Palace Petite Verdot

The Palace Wines Petite Verdot Oakville organically farmed

A wonderful Petit Verdot at a great price point!

I love Petit Verdot as a single varietal and I also know it can be hard to find. This 2011 vintage is a wonderful example of a rich, smooth, and luscious Napa Valley Petit Verdot. Wonderful aromas and a long, delicious taste! This Prescott Ashe Estate Petit Verdot is my 'Go To' daily drinker right now! It keeps giving and never disappoints! Cheers and thanks for providing this great wine!

Scott  10/8/17


****Beresini Pinot Noir

Beresini Pinot

Black Dog Ranch, Carneros, Napa Valley - Rated 4 of 5 Stars by
Ronn Weigand


*****Yount Ridge EPIC, Oakville, Napa Valley

95+ Vinous
A selection of the best barrels in the cellar. Dark and racy, it packs a real punch in its black cherry, plum, chocolate, mocha and espresso flavors. There is no shortage of depth or intensity in this sumptuous, alluring Oakville cabernet.
Lauren L.  4/10/18

Best wine of 2017!

The Yount Ridge "Epic" Cabernet Sauvignon 2014, Napa Valley, is epic indeed, a monument to both the dimensions and the nuances the grape can attain in its perfect environment in a great year. Probably the best cabernet wine I tasted in 2017. I won't lie; it's expensive, $240 a bottle. Production was 250 cases. A more detailed review will follow when I write about Big Deal Reds later in December.

Fredric K.  12/10/17


****Orentano Pinot Noir, Russian River, Sonoma

Orentano Pinot Noir

Gold Medal and 94 points, Los Angeles Wine Competition.


*****The Palace Petite Verdot

Palace Petite Verdot


I wish I could wax poetic about wine, but I'm not that knowledgeable. I won't try to fake it. It is a wonderful wine, and I highly recommend it. I also appreciate the wonderful service I received from Laura and Terry. Living on the east coast, it is rare to find wines from cult winemakers. This is such a treat for me. Thank you so much for the terrific service and wines!



 ****Highlands Merlot  

Highlands Merlot

A wonderful Merlot!

I admit I am a fan of Merlot. It was the first wine (after the obligatory Boones Farm/Annie Green Springs/Mad Dog 20-20) I was introduced to back in the mid '80s. This Highlands Merlot is a lovey, drinkable wine either with a meal or just for sipping after a long day. Lovely fruity aromas with a smooth feel and a wonderful flavor. This is a lovely Merlot and we laid some in our cellar to see how it ages over the coming couple of years.

Scott  11/9/17


****Yount Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon


Oakville, Napa 91 Points Wine Spectator

*****Post and Vine Old Vine Field Blend

Post & Vine Old Field Blend 2013
From 60 year old, organic, dry-farmed vines in the town of Calpella, along Highway 101, middle of Mendocino County. #1 message to convey to you is that this is flat-out delicious. It has both broad appeal (all will like it) and unique character (not a cookie-cutter red blend). Gets loads of ripe, jammy, spicy berry fruit flavor. Smell and taste red cherry liqueur, nutmeg, cracked black pepper, boysenberries, ripe black fig and cocoa. Rich, balanced, smooth and easy to like, especially with simple fare hot off the grill (sausages, peppers, cheeseburgers, pork...)

Daniel Dawson, Back Room Wines
The Initial Release from Post & Vine is a Winner
“The wine delivers a lively, resonant flow of blue and red fruit flavors permeated by earthiness, a tinge of briers and brambles and wisps of exotic spices — sandalwood, allspice — all energized by a lithe, supple texture and a structure that features clean lines and good bones. There’s so much life and vibrancy in this wine that I found it irresistible.”

Fredric K.