New Year's Resolution? Bring You More Great and Rare Wines!

Starting 2018 with a bang, our only resolution is to bring you more great wine. We're pleased to offer these new gems in addition to our regular lineup. Click and learn more, then stock your cellar.

  • Nicali is a rare blend of award-winning Cabernet and Zinfandel made in certain years by the revered winemaker, Celia Welch
  • Luna Napa Valley Merlot, amazing vineyard, awesome winemaker protege of Philippe Melka
  • The Palace 2010 Cabernet Reserve, we've sold out of most so time to release the last stash of the great 2010 vintage
  • Arriere by Webster Cellars, Merlot and Syrah from a small winemaker/artist's who's wines sell out each year
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